Het Jonge Sprookje

We scored the short docu/film 'Het Jonge Sprookje' that got nominated for the Buma Award: 'Best Film Music 2016' 


Director: Cassandra Offenberg
DOP: Georgios Rietveld
Producer: David Warringa

Edit: Goos van den Berg
Music: Wouter van den Boogaard
Sound Design: J. DeGraw & M. Lourens

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Director: Cassandra Offenberg
DOP: Georgios Rietveld
Producer: David Warringa

Co-producer: Sebas Mulder
Edit: Goos van den Berg
Gaffer: W. de Vries & J. te Buck
Grip: Bjorn Schumacher
Set Audio: Appolonia van Dun
Prod. Design: Lila Goeman Borgesius
Styling: Zoé Strijbosch
Grading: Erik Wiedenhof
Music: Wouter van den Boogaard
Sound Design: J. DeGraw & M. Lourens
Audio mixdown: Major Fifth
Titel Design: Leon Wielens


The Project

Het Jonge Sprookje (The Fairytale of Yought) is a short docu/film about Zoran (22) who's living a tangled life of fear, ecstasy, euphoria and happiness. The film is a visual journey through parts of his millenial life. It shows memorable moments like when he goes off road with friends or when he's dancing at night in rising pink smoke or getting a car to take his buddies on a roadtrip to France. Being young, a neon-pink dream of ecstasy, might seem like a fairytale from a distance. But on the road there's reality, the ending of things, the continuous pressure of achievement and the fear of being too late. 


In October 2016 the film won the FIlmfonds Wildcard at the Dutch National Filmfestival (NFF) that got Cassandra Offenberg 40k to produce a new movie.

In March 2017 Wouter van den Boogaard got nominated for the Buma award: 'Best Film Music 2016' which makes this project one of the most valuable and most fun to have ever worked on. We're very proud to be part of this.   

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The film got broadcasted on national television and has been shown at several film festivals. The full movie can be watched here.


Motion Picture Soundtrack

All music composed for Het Jonge Sprookje can be found on Spotify, iTunes and other platforms.


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